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Our Duct & vents Cleaning Services

We provide professional duct & vent cleaning services in Entire NJ area for all residents who have been neglecting their home’s air ventilation systems.

Duct Cleaning

It’s easy to take air ducts for granted. However, they collect dirt, dust, and debris over time resulting in poor air quality. When you need an air duct cleaning in any NJ area, call Thompson Air Duct Cleaning.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

We specialize in handling everything from dryer vent cleaning to installation, repair, and cleaning services. We can handle any type of duct and the indoor air-quality issue quickly.

Our Working Process



We’ll assess any chipping or damage to the walls and vents. Our cleaning specialists will conduct a complete walk-through of your house.

Our cleaning specialists will then cover all furniture with plastic and take out all vents.


Vacuuming and Inspection

Our cleaning specialist will remove the air vent using a vacuum, and inspect the coils and blower.

Vents will then be washed, dried, and sanitized.


Reinstallation of Vents

All vents will have to be reinstalled, and the air conditioner system will be cleaned with microban. We will sweep and mop floors, vacuum areas and clean up your space

Final Walk-Through

Our cleaning experts will then conduct a walk-through with you and answer any questions.

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